Plum, a historically overlooked shade of violet, has been impossible to ignore.

Whether it’s suede wedges, an over-sized sweater, or an evening clutch, plum is taking over the fall palette. I find myself staring at a pair of plum pumps – necessary? Of course not. Perfect for work, comfortable… Before I know it, I have bags, pants, shoes, tights – all plum! And too much plum can be, well, overwhelming.

My sane and reasonable side trumped wanting to own every possible clothing item possible in this new semi-neutral shade that seems to go with pretty much everything. The verdict? One pair of pants.
Top: secondhand, $2 (just another reason to shop at your local Goodwill). Pants: Marshalls, $25. Purse: Rebecca Minkoff.
Shoes: Ellen Tracy.

There you have it, the start to an unhealthy addiction.


For three days, DC shoppers experienced second hand shopping at its best : cheap, convenient, and for a great cause. Hosted at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery dowtown, Goodwill teamed up with architecture firm Gensler for a local pop-up shop that would contribute funds for a new Goodwill store and donation center. In just one seven hour day, Goodwill reportedly raised more money than an entire weekend of sales at one of their regular brick-and-mortar locations. A success? I think so.
Walking around, the space felt as if it was designed just for the event. Dangling handcrafted paper hangars and stacked boxes gave the pop-up just enough modern feel; a mélange of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

A green emerald top: $4.98plus a colorful accessory and leather skirt – et voila! An outfit for less than $50.

Leslie rocking her new floral skirt for $5
$20 later, I had a new bag, pants, skirt, and top (photos to come). The only downside? Goodwill and Gensler wrapped up their pop-up on Friday. Fingers crossed Edited for Goodwill will be the first of many more.

I had my first panic attack –  a new second hand store? In Logan Circle? Nestled between a hair salon and a new restaurant, chain-store Buffalo Exchange re-inspired some long overdue blogging.

Top: American Apparel (second hand) $15
Dress: H&M
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Since it’s opening on June 16 (a day before my birthday – coincidence? I think not!) the store has been a go-to for accessories, summer-wear, and everything in between. With a large selection and reasonable prices (and the option to sell/trade), Buffalo Exchange has become a weekend ritual (living one block away has been terribly inconvenient for any willpower/money in my account).

Above, one of my first purchases – a simple chiffon, over-sized button up. While American Apparel sells for $58, this barely worn top has already become a summer staple… for $15!

I’ve never been a die hard Coach fan (the signature series is a bit tacky), but I do like the simple leather bags Coach used to sell. Recently, Coach launched a “classic” line, which features solid colored leather wristlets, totes, shoulder bags, and more (see below).
Cute right? Plain leather can be casual, dressy, and everything in between. Additional bonus? These bags last forever. If you don’t feel like spending $298 on a shoulder bag, you have options. A solid choice for those in the DC/MD area can try the Value Village by UMD, which almost always has a small selection of vintage Coach bags for… (wait for it) – FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Obviously the bags have a bit of a worn look, but the rugged leather adds a nice touch.
This little black cross-body bag was only $10, and it’s  the perfect size for running errands around town. On the right, Stacia found her cute tan leather purse at Plato’s Closet, a nation-wide second hand retail store. Sadly, the closet store locations are in Frederick, MD; Sterling, VA; and Chantilly, VA.
Until next time, happy purse shopping!


Do you have one go-to outfit? A combination that doesn’t require thought or any effort whatsoever? In fact, you sometimes wonder if your girlfriends aren’t passing judgement for wearing the same blazer/skinny jean combo that you’ve adopted as a second skin.

Normally, I do not, but after a little visit to my neighborhood Forever 21 I knew I would have a hard time taking these pants off – they are comfy AND match almost anything. These loose fitted casual pants were love at first sight.
While there really is no reason for me to be off buying crazy-colored pants, I couldn’t help but think they would go well with all the simple and somewhat boring tank tops and shirts that I owned. This particular top is old-school Ann Taylor, rescued from a Salvation Army for $1. Matched with a bold necklace, the top becomes more than just a basic tan top.

Blazer: Banana Republic (second hand), $8. Top: Ann Taylor (second hand), $1. Pants: F21, $22.50. Shoes: Vince Camuto.
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, $5.While at Tyson’s for a work event, I passed through Charlotte Russe more out of curiosity than interest. I hadn’t been to one of these cheaper/teen-driven stores since high school, and I couldn’t believe the jewelry selection. I picked up this Egyptian-styled necklace along with a few other pieces (how could I not, everything was only $5).
Et voila! Less than $40 later, I had a fun spring outfit that was perfect for work and happy hour.

Next up: every day purses for less than $10.


My apartment floor is a mess.

One day it’s snowing, the next day it’s 80 degrees, and I simply don’t know what to pack up and what should be hanging in my closet. Therefore, 50 percent of my clothing remains strewn on the floor as an easy solution to morning outfit dilemmas.

But honestly, who can complain about the weather? Cherry blossoms are almost in full bloom, the sun is out, and getting dressed is so much more fun when winter coat and boots are not involved.
The Washington Monument / early cherry blossoms.

This warm weather threw me in terms of work outfits, and I’ve found that harem pants and a tank are my new go-to. Loose fitting (great for walking to and from in the city), harem pants pair nicely with a fitted top and heels/flats. Printed harem pants? Even better.
Scarf: Filene’s, $12. Tank: H&M, $6. Pants: F21, $22.50. Shoes: Zara.

All in all, an easy look for less than $30. Add some colorful accessories for a work-wearable (and comfy) spring outfit.

More spring wear to come.


A few weeks ago I found a simple polyester dress that will be my go-to summer frock and basic layering piece for spring. While it looks blue, the material is a deep purple that isn’t included in my usual wardrobe palette.

Who knows? It may be 70 on Friday, in which case I could get away with something so thin (and short)… in February. Crazy DC weather.
Dress: F21, $22.95. Jacket: F21. Scarf: World Market, $5. Purse: TJ Maxx, $20. Boots: Franco Sarto.

Aside from the price, I love that this purse has a detachable shoulder strap. In clutch form, this studded bag serves as a wonderful defensive device. Ah, what a beautiful weekend.

Thanks for reading!